Lose Weight in a Healthy, Sustainable Way

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Fad diets and unrealistic workout programs create an endless cycle of weight loss and gain. If you're tired of going in circles, meet with an experienced personal trainer at MP 61 Fitness. Our trainer has more than 25 years of experience helping clients lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way.

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Guiding you through every step of the way

Guiding you through every step of the way

After years of struggling with on-and-off weight loss, you may feel discouraged. Don't worry - MP 61 Fitness has got you covered. You can depend on our personal trainer to...

  • Walk you through a healthy, satisfying nutrition plan
  • Provide you with a workout plan that you enjoy
  • Check in on your progress weekly
  • Answer any of your questions along the way
With 24/7 availability, our trainer is always there to assist you. Call 361-218-1338 now to set up an appointment.